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 Insect Molecular Genetics 3rd Edition Marjorie A. Hoy in pdf

Free download book  of Insect Molecular Genetics 3rd Edition in pdf written By Marjorie A. Hoy published, 2013 book in English language of professors of  science faculties  universities  .

Part I: Genes and Genome Organization in Eukaryotes

Chapter 1. DNA, Gene Structure, and DNA Replication

Chapter 2. Transcription, Translation, and Regulation of Eukaryotic DNA

Chapter 3. Nuclear and Extranuclear DNA in Insects

Chapter 4. Genetic Systems, Genome Evolution, and Genetic Control of Embryonic Development in Insects

Part II: Molecular Genetic Techniques

Chapter 5. Some Basic Tools: How to Cut, Paste, Copy, Measure, Visualize, and Clone DNA

Chapter 6. Some Additional Tools for the Molecular Biologist

Chapter 7. DNA Sequencing and the Evolution of the “-Omics”

Chapter 8. DNA Amplification by the Polymerase Chain Reaction: Molecular Biology Made Accessible

Chapter 9. Transposable-Element Vectors and Other Methods to Genetically Modify Drosophila and Other Insects

Part III: Applications in Entomology

Chapter 10. Sex Determination in Insects

Chapter 11. Molecular Genetics of Insect Behavior

Chapter 12. Molecular Systematics and the Evolution of Arthropods

Chapter 13. Insect Population Ecology and Molecular Genetics

Chapter 14. Genetic Modification of Pest and Beneficial Insects for Pest-Management Programs.
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Free download book of Insect Molecular Genetics 3rd Edition Marjorie A. Hoy in pdf
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