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  Organic Chemistry : A Mechanistic Approach Oxford in pdf

Free download book  of Organic Chemistry : A Mechanistic Approach Oxford in pdf written By  Tadashi Okuyama and Howard Maskill  published  Year, 2013 book in English language of professors of  science faculties  universities UK .

  • 1 Chemical bonding and molecules
  • 2 Molecular structure and shapes of organic molecules
  • 3 Organic compounds: their functional groups, intermolecular interactions and physical properties
  • 4 Conformation and strain in molecules
  • 5 Conjugation, pi-electrion delocalization, and aromaticity
  • 6 Acids and bases
  • 7 Organic reactions and concept of mechanism
  • 8 Nucleophilic addition to the carbonyl group in aldehydes and ketones
  • 9 Nucleophilic substitution of carboxylic acid derivatives
  • 10 Hydride reduction and grignard reactions of carbonyl compounds
  • 11 Stereochemistry and handedness of molecules
  • 12 Nucleophilic substitution and elimination reactions of haloalkanes
  • 13 Reactions of alcohols, ethers and alkynes
  • 14 Electrophilic addition to alkenes and alkynes
  • 15 Electrophilic aromatic substitution
  • 16 Enolate anions and their reactions
  • 17 Nucleophilic addition to electrophilic alkenes
  • 18 Nucleophilic aromatic substitution
  • 19 Condensed polycyclic aromatic and heteroaromatic compounds
  • 20 Rearrangement reactions
  • 21 Reactions involving radicals
  • 22 Organic synthesis
  • 23 Biomolecules
  • 24 Characterisation of organic compounds

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Free download book Of  Organic Chemistry : A Mechanistic Approach Oxford in pdf
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