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 Astronomy For Dummies 3rd edition in pdf

Free download book  of Astronomy For Dummies f3rd edition in pdf written By Stephen P. Maran, PhD published  Year, 2013 book in English language of professors of  science faculties  universities  .
Part I: Stalking the Cosmos
Chapter 1: Seeing the Light: The Art and Science of Astronomy
Chapter 2: Join the Crowd: Skywatching Activities and Resources
Chapter 3: The Way You Watch Tonight: Terrific Tools for Observing the Skies
Chapter 4: Just Passing Through: Meteors, Comets, and Artificial Satellites 
Part II: Going Once Around the Solar System
Chapter 5: A Matched Pair: Earth and Its Moon 
Chapter 6: Earth’s Near Neighbors: Mercury, Venus, and Mars
Chapter 7: Rock On: The Asteroid Belt and Near-Earth Objects 
Chapter 8: Great Balls of Gas: Jupiter and Saturn 
Chapter 9: Far Out! Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Beyond 
PartIII: Meeting Old Sol and Other Stars
Chapter 10: The Sun: Star of Earth 
Chapter 11: Taking a Trip to the Stars 
Chapter 12: Galaxies: The Milky Way and Beyond 
Chapter 13: Digging into Black Holes and Quasars 
Part IV: Pondering the Remarkable Universe 
Chapter 14: Is Anybody Out There? SETI and Planets of Other Suns 
Chapter 15: Delving into Dark Matter and Antimatter 
Chapter 16: The Big Bang and the Evolution of the Universe
Part V: The Part of Tens
Chapter 17: Ten Strange Facts about Astronomy and Space
Chapter 18: Ten Common Errors about Astronomy and Space 
Part VI: Appendixes
Appendix A: Star Maps
Appendix B: Glossary
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Number of chapters: 18 chapters

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Free download book Of Astronomy For Dummies 3rd edition in pdf 
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