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Africa map according to skin color, if you think that all Africans have the same skin color, you are completely wrong, because studies and research in the field of genetics have proven that there is a marked variation in African skin color, and in order to get an accurate understanding of the colors of the inhabitants of the black continent..

African skin color

Skin color is considered one of the distinguishing characteristics of a person over time, so that in ancient times, people were divided on the basis of their color, especially in America and Europe where they believed that white skin owners are the finest of races and they have the right to enslave those with black skin as less than them And with the development of ages.

Negroes made an uprising to obtain their rights, and indeed they obtained many of their rights in America, Europe and South Africa.

nd then many researchers did studies interested in understanding the genes that color the skin and shed light in their studies in more depth on Negroes, and one of these researchers said that when the world mentions in front of him the African skin color jumps to his mind directly the dark skin, as if the matter turned in their minds To Steriotype, but he says it is completely different as there is a big difference in African skin colors starting from light skin like some Asians and ending with the darkest possible degree of blackness.

A study team has researched 4 million points in the genome of approximately 1600 volunteers from different ethnic backgrounds and genetic diversity as well, and they are from Ethiopia, Botswana and Tanzania, and they found that in that small region among the three countries there are four main types of genomes and that the African continent All have approximately eight different genotypes, starting from the darkest blacks called MFSD12 and the lighter colors called SLC24A5, and they found that the Nilo Sahran strain was the most black in Africa in addition to sub-Saharan populations.

There are some other regions outside Africa, such as South India and Australia, that possess the same genetic traits and skin color that Africans possess. This has been explained by the ancient migrations of the people of Africa to these areas and their settlement.

What is Melanin ?

Melanin is a complex polymer derived from the amino acid tyrosine.

Melanin is responsible for determining skin and hair colour and is present in the skin to varying degrees, depending on how much a population has been exposed to the sun historically.

Are Moroccans white?

We cannot say that the Moroccans are white or black because of the large number of migrations in the past and their pollination with North Africa. We notice the difference in colors between Moroccans, the more it descends to the south, the darker the complexion

Morrocan people are predominantly Berber people. They belong to the Caucasoid race and are native to northwestern Africa.