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Tea ‘Atai’ is a hot drink of mint green tea spread throughout the Maghreb, the Sahara and southern Spain. It has a special place among the inhabitants of these areas in weddings at the dining tables, and in the books of poets and writers. And the nails and the cafes. Mint is sometimes replaced by grills known locally as ‘shibha’, especially in winter. And sometimes after the aromatic herbs according to the seasons. For example, we have in Ifrane when we collect spring in the open, to which we add ‘Taoskint’.

It is believed that Morocco ‘knew tea in the 18th century, and began to spread through Morocco in the mid-19th century when Morocco became involved in trade with Europe’. Thus, it seems that the entry of tea into Morocco was in the era of Sultan Mawla Ismail, where Abu Al-Nasr Ismail received ‘bags of sugar and tea among the total gifts provided by the European envoys of the Alawite Sultan’ in preparation for the release of The European prisoners, which shows its rarity in the Moroccan countryway The preparation of tea is a bit long and complex, add a quantity of green tea to a huge amount of fresh mint and sugar,

Clean the tea with a small amount of boiling water to be added to it and then discard it (slicing). Add the sugar, mint and boiling water. Pour the tea into a small cup and then return the tea to the jug and repeat the process two or three times, until the tea is mixed. Eventually, pour the tea into the cups from the high height to be foaming.Although it’s a powerful alarm. The tea of the Moroccans before it is a daily drink is also a way to welcome guests, as you can not enter a house, whether its parents are poor or rich, but they are quick to bring a tea tray, as it is considered a lack of taste to come home as a guest and go on his way without having a cup of tea. In the desert for tea another pot i cook the tea de high quality alone in the water (ghadir) and add to it the chewing gum ‘Tonin Omurad’ and pour and review several times until the cups fill edifying foam and pour you a small amount in very small cups. And there’s what he’s called ‘amber’.

In the way of the preparation of tea in the Moroccan way, is the beauty of the tools used to prepare and serve, the Chinese and the refrigerator (jug) are made of pure silver metal, or of a metal similar to it, and the common characteristic between them is gloss, and the Chinese are decorated with hand patterns, as well as for The fridge, which takes a unique and majestic form, is the main source of tea ware, with artisans maintaining this traditional andalusian industry, indicating extravagance and luxury. Accompanied by chinese and fridge, other tools called quadrants (tarbain) are three cans of the same metal, which are intended for tea, sugar and mint.